Digital Share Of Total Advertising/Marketing Investments: 2010-2020

Digital share of total 2010 Advertising & Marketing: 8.0%
Digital share of total 2020 Advertising & Marketing: 40.0% est.

Marketers invested a total $47.6 billion in digital advertising and marketing in 2010 according to the recently released Jack Myers Media Business Report 2020 Vision: Media, Advertising and Marketing Economic Health Report 2000- 2020.This includes all display ads, search, interactive TV, video, digital assets of traditional media, mobile and social media. The digital total represents a nearly 8.0% share of all marketing communications investments last year, which were reported by Myers at $601 billion. The total includes all advertising, trade and consumer promotion, event and direct marketing, and public relations.

In 2020, according to the Myers report, marketers’ digital media investments will grow to more than $300 billion, representing a more than 40% share of the total projected $760 billion advertising and marketing communications spend.

The annual Myers’ Media and Marketing Economic Health Report, which Myers has been publishing since 1986, is the only economic forecast that identifies both traditional and digital ad spending for legacy media categories. Digital advertising revenues are projected to increase from 3.3% of total cable TV network ad revenues in 2010 to 18.5% in 2020. Magazines’ share of ad revenues generated by digital assets are forecast by Myers to increase from 6.0% in 2010 to nearly 30% by 2020.


Photo: Jack Myers Media Business Report Media & Marketing Investment Forecast December 2010

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