Diggers Converge In Midtown For Diggnation Party


About 50 folks showed up for last night’s Diggnation party at Turtle Bay in Midtown East, including a good mix of Alleyites in the tech, media, and entertainment fields, and one prolific juggler. A good sign for the NY tech community: people seemed more interested in socializing and networking than watching a 4-day-old podcast featuring Valley bigshot Kevin Rose drinking beer on a couch.

Mike Lewis, the party organiser and a budding entrepreneur, told me a little about one of his Web projects, Swarrm, a news aggregation site that mixes good parts of Techmeme and Google News and adds more personalisation features. You can’t play with it yet — it’s still walled off — but we’ll post about it when we learn more. And I had a laugh with Ben “Bendrix” Williams, a digital media specialist at JWT who moonlights as a podcast host and producer for his site CodedSignal: one show each for hip-hop fans, electronica-types, and tech geeks. Enterprising vloggers and podcasters should check his stuff out — it’s entertaining and very well produced.

Photo credit: Rachel Bashover, who has posted a bunch more pictures from last night at Meetup’s Web site.