Digg: Seriously, We're Not Selling - Yet

That TechCrunch report this morning about Digg selling to either Google or Microsoft? Not true, says Digg CEO Jay Adelson:

This morning’s rumours about a bidding war involving Google and Microsoft have created such a stir we feel compelled to tell you all directly that they are completely inaccurate.

Sorry to burst any drama theories, but they aren’t true. We remain focused on improving Digg and rolling out great features.

Do note what Jay didn’t say: “We’re not for sale, we’re not selling to Microsoft or Google, and we’re not selling to anybody else, either.” So he’s actually left himself plenty of wiggle room if the company does trade hands.

The bigger picture: Digg is perpetually supposed to be for sale, but no one ever buys it. Perhaps Jay, Kevin, et al really aren’t interested in selling. Perhaps they still haven’t seen a price they like. But if Allen and Co. really is shopping the site, then someone out there has actually seen the book, and can give us a real sense of the supposed valuation they’re looking for, as well as revenues, growth projections, etc. We’re all ears: [email protected]

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