Digg Redesign Revealed In Leaked Video

kevin rose

A complete overhaul of Digg is on the way, a promotional video uncovered by TechCrunch reveals.

The new Digg will work on a model that incorporates elements of social networking. Users will be encouraged to import their contacts from Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere.

In addition to seeing the most popular content throughout Digg, users will now be able to see what is most popular with their contacts.

The update will also make it easier for content publishers to automatically spam Digg with everything they publish, as many currently do on Twitter.

Digg remains an important aggregator, but has lost a degree of interest from publishers because of the all-or-nothing nature of success on the site. As CEO Kevin Rose explains in the video, only the 100 or so stories that make the front page each day get a significant amount of traffic from Digg. The new format aims could spray traffic at more content that is popular within various niches.

Check out Kevin Rose’s explanation of the new site design:

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