11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Use Pinterest For

Even though Pinterest is the fastest-growing content sharing platform, some people still assume that it’s only for cupcake pictures and wedding inspiration.

Not even close to true.

There are a bunch of ways that people are using Pinterest that you may never have thought of.

Because it's possible to play videos directly from Pinterest, you can create playlists

A bunch of Pinterest users post workout inspiration, which means you can build a fitness plan through the site.

When you pin food pictures, Pinterest will often list the recipe, making an automatic grocery list if you find something you can't wait to make!

You can use Pinterest to save interesting articles. Pinterest employee Malorie Lucich actually told us that the company has an 'Articles Club' where 'pinployees' will meet to share and discuss the best things they read that week via their Pinterest boards.

Ditto with books you want to read. User Kyra Derdivanis pins individual books as well as lists she spots.

Pinterest has a cool feature where it will alert you if certain items you've pinned have since gone on sale. You'll get email notifications when it happens.

Use Pinterest to learn a new skill -- like how to repair old motorcycles.

Pinterest is becoming more and more like a visual search engine. If you want fashion advice, just search for something like, 'How to wear rain boots.'

Because Pinterest allows you to create private boards among a group of friends, you can use Pinterest to plan potlucks or parties. My friends and I once used a private board to brainstorm decorations.

Pinterest user John Battelle uses the site to keep track of all his favourite wines by taking a picture of each one.

More and more people are using Pinterest's travel features to remember amazing trips they took. Here's a board about Garry Arndt's sojourn in Italy.

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