16 Fascinating Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

A new survey from Absolute Strategy Research sheds new light about how Americans feel about their household finances.

A lot of the results are somewhat predictable, such as the fact that 89 per cent of the respondents still feel “worried” about their finances, and that rising costs of living and employment are the top concerns among households.

But we thought this table below was particularly interesting, as it compares survey results between Democrats and Republicans.

The gist is that basically Republicans feel better about their finances on every single measure AND Republicans are more pessimistic about the future.

So for example, a net 21 per cent of Republicans say their house is worth more than they paid for it, compared to a net 2 per cent of Democratic respondents.

On the other hand, Republicans are way more pessimistic on questions like whether they expect to be “better off” in a year, or whether their children’s generation will be worse.

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Photo: Absolute Strategy Research


Our gut tells us that this can basically be explained as: Republicans are generally better off due to economic reality, but because of their dislike for the current administration, they are inclined to think things are getting worse.

Another possibility is just that Republicans feel rich, and therefore they assume the trend of society is that their wealth will be leached away by the have-nots.

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