The REAL Differences Between Coke And Pepsi People

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You probably can’t describe the difference between Coke and Pepsi. Perhaps one cola seems sweeter, but you couldn’t certainly distinguish them in a taste test. Yet you know without a doubt which one you like more.The fierce brand loyalties of Coke vs. Pepsi are a marvel of American marketing.

Slightly older, Coca-Cola was always the dominant brand.

Pepsi gained market share in the middle of the century with a series of ad campaigns. In 1975 the first Pepsi Challenge claimed that people preferred Pepsi in a blind taste test. The brand was also marketed as the soda of the new generation, with celebrity spokespeople like Michael Jackson.

Today America’s preference is firmly divided by demographics, according to research by Surprisingly there’s a big divide based on wealth and education.

Coke drinkers are more likely to have graduated college. They also tend to speak more than one language.

Pepsi fans are less likely to have attended college or speak more than one language.

Coke people are classy eaters. They're big sushi fans and they've probably tried caviar.

Pepsi people prefer classic American snacks, like Cheese Whiz and Spam.

Coke drinkers read the New York Times.

Pepsi people prefer USA Today.

Coke drinks consider themselves well traveled. They're also more likely to own a passport.

There's a good chance that a Pepsi drinker hasn't been on vacation in over 6 months.

Coke drinkers will show up early.

Pepsi people will show up on time or late.

If you prefer Coca Cola, you've probably been to an art gallery.

If Pepsi's your drink of choice, you'd rather stay home and watch TV.

Coke people love CSI and David Sedaris.

Pepsi drinkers prefer Everybody Loves Raymond and Ellen DeGeneres.

All this research comes from the geniuses at

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