The REAL Differences Between Dog And Cat People


Photo: analysed data from more than 80+ million users to analyse the real differences between cat and dog people.Of more than 200,000 respondents, 26% of people only owned dogs and 16% of people owned cats.

Some of the results may surprise you, but others, are right on point with your expectations. For instance, if you consider yourself fashion challenged, you might be a cat person.

Dog people are 50% more likely to be conservative

Cat people skew liberal

Dog people are 23% more likely to have an iPhone

Cat people are 7% more likely to have an android

Dog people read The Lost Symbol

Cat people read Infinite Jest

Dog people watch American Idol

Cat people watch Damages

Dog people are 11% more likely to know their neighbours names

Cat people are 14% more likely to cling to their friends at a party

Dog people are 15% more likely to be extroverts

Cat people are 11% more likely to be introverts

Dog people find themselves fashion conscious

Cat people are 11% more likely to consider themselves fashion challenged

Dog people are 18% more likely to consider Paul McCartney their favourite Beatle

Cat people are 25% more likely to call their favourite Beatle George Harrison

Dog people read Real Simple

Cat people read The Nation

Dog people are 30% more likely to enjoy slapstick humour

Cat people are 21% more likely to enjoy ironic humour and puns

What does your computer say about you?

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