Raises $2M Series A

Former Bluefly (BFLY) CEO Ken Seiff’s (formerly Diet Television) has raised $2 million in a round led by MentorTech Ventures.  The company was seeded by Seiff’s Glowcast Ventures.

DietTV is in early beta, but Seiff demo’ed it at the July NY Tech Meetup.  He certainly has the elevator pitch down: Lots of fat people + social network = business. The site is currently part diet-tracker, which is a feature set found all over the web, plus a diet selector (see below), which is more novel: You tell the selector how important it is for you to, say, eat meat or be active, and it sorts through countless diet offerings and suggests one.

There’s also supposed to be an automated voice recognition service, so you can call into the site and tell it what you ate, but it wasn’t working at the demo. Perhaps Seiff should let that feature die.  Unless it’s absolutely flawless, it’s only going to frustrate his users, who will end up having to go online anyway to correct their inputs. Release