A Car Battery Company Has Finally Taken Advantage Of That Moment In Every Horror Movie When The Car Won't Start

DieHard, owned by Sears Holdings, is taking advantage of the Halloween season by marketing car batteries as the perfect companion in a zombie apocalypse.

Y&R Midwest teamed with director Tim Router, of the production company Tool of North America, to create the 70-second ad.

In it, a man abandons his girlfriend to save himself from a rabid pack of the undead. The girl flees in a beat-up pickup truck, while her loser boyfriend gets pulled out of a red sedan that will not start. He gets torn to shreds; she cruises to safety — cue closeup on the reliable ol’ Die Hard battery keeping the truck running, and the slogan “Life Demands Die Hard.”

Die Hard is promoting the Twitter trending topic “#survivezombies” for the video. It heavily tweeted the ad during Sunday night’s premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, utilising the show’s hashtag while it was trending. The tweets often tied into the episode’s plot points and the series’ backstory. Typical tweet: “Don’t cry now, Daryl.

As of mid-afternoon Monday, the ad got well over half a million views on YouTube.

The video employs Hollywood-calibre effects and a nice bit of girl power:

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