Did the Queen deliberately wear a hat designed to look like the EU flag?

LONDON — During the state opening of Parliament on Wednesday morning, some people think that the Queen wore an outfit that was deliberately similar to the EU flag.

The Queen’s blue hat had five gold buttons on it, which many users on Twitter compared to the 12 gold stars on a blue background of the EU flag.

Some people thought that this was the Queen attempting to give a message about her views on Brexit, despite The Sun reporting last year that she apparently favoured leaving the EU. 

The Queen also read out the government’s plans for a ‘hard Brexit’, despite her alleged EU-inspired outfit. The speech laid out the pathway to leaving both the Single Market and the Customs Union through a series of eight bills leading to Britain’s exit from the EU.

Paul Hayward, the Daily Telegraph’s chief sports writer, laid out the most convincing argument for the Queen’s outfit – that she was wearing the colours of Godolphin, a horse-racing stable featuring at Royal Ascot.

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