Did The Government Just Hack My Google Account?

Since I began covering the NDAA and the rapid erosion of Americans’ civil rights back in early December, I’ve wondered if there would be any repercussions. My decision to report the truth about America’s decline into a surveillance police state was not one that I made lightly, but it was one I felt compelled to stick with — both to warn other Americans, and to annoy the mainstream media powers that be, who don’t want most Americans to be talking about the NDAA, or Obama’s new Executive Order, entitled “National defence Resources Preparedness,” which may enable his administration to grab nearly total control over the U.S. economy and critical infrastructure, even in peacetime… and which might force citizens into labour against their will, and without pay.

A Washington Times columnist interpreted the Executive Order as such: “In short, the order gives Mr. Obama the ability to impose martial law. He now possesses the potential powers of a dictator. The order is a direct assault on individual liberties, private property rights and the rule of law.”

Anyway, this morning I found an unwelcome surprise, which I posted immediately to my Google+ page: “Logged into my Google account and went to Google Groups, to send an email out to my subscribers. Noticed I am now subscribed to some group that’s in Arabic — which I did NOT subscribe to (I don’t even know how to read Arabic). This means someone logged into my account, without my knowledge, and subscribed me to this group. Or there’s a glitch on Google Groups causing people to be subscribed to groups improperly.”

I changed my password immediately afterward, but the fact remains that someone appears to have had access to my account for at least a week, if not longer. And it can’t look good for someone like me — who has been critical of new laws like the NDAA and anti-protest law H.R. 347 — to be subscribing to various Arabic groups. It just can’t.

I asked on Twitter if I had been hacked, explaining the events described above. Anonymous Circle replied: “An existing group may have been renamed, but yeah – that looks pretty dodgy.”

And user @billjryan tweeted me: “It looks like someone doesn’t like what you have to say, I’d create a stronger Password!”

Indeed. By the way, here’s the new video Anonymous put out, warning about Obama’s March 16th Executive Order:

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