Did The Ciprianis Use Intimidation To Get Their Liquor Licenses Renewed?

We always thought something about the Ciprianis seemed a bit sketchy…

The chairman of New York’s liquor authority now claims that an aide to Governor Paterson tried to “intimidate” him into renewing liquor licenses for the family’s upscale Italian restaurants. It seems the liquor authority head was reluctant to do so after the Ciprianis pleaded guilty to income-tax evasion and paid a $10 million fine.

NY Post: “There’s no question there was an attempt to intimidate me,” SLA Chairman Daniel Boyle told The Post, as he discussed the authority’s 2-1 vote in August to renew licenses controlled by such famed establishments as the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller centre, Harry Cipriani at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel and Cipriani Wall Street…

“I stated that for us to only take a fine from people who have a lot of money would not be fair to people who have less – we need to be consistent in our approach,” Boyle said he told Andrews.

But Andrews, he said, coldly responded, “Can I offer you some sound political advice? Speak how you feel, but vote on what you need to do.

“People here are who you answer to,” Boyle quoted Andrews as saying, leaving “no doubt” the Paterson administration wanted the SLA to leave the Cipriani licenses intact.

Boyle said there were other examples of pressure.

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