Did Thain And Maria Have A Conflict Of Interest?

After taking abuse over Merrill losses, Merrill bonuses and an expensive office renovation, John Thain put on a full-court defence on Monday, capped off by an interview with Maria Bartiromo. But was there something untoward behind the interview — which, we thought, made him look pretty good?

Page Six says that both Thain and Maria have the same PR guy, Ken Sunshine, and that he may have helped set up the exclusive.

This complaint seems pretty bogus to us. As a CNBC rep, told MediaBistro, of course Thain went to CNBC first. And of course, CNBC gave the interview to its ace interviewer. Unless there’s something big we’re not seeing, this scandal seems manufactured by a rival organisation (News Corp.) that has a tendency to take cheap shots at CNBC.

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