Did Mark Sanford Lie About Hiking Appalachian Trail?

mark sanford

Another very bizarre twist in the story of Mark Sanford, the anti-stimulus, anti-bailout governor of South Carolina, who (up until a couple days ago) was a likely candidate for his party’s nomination in 2012.

Quick recap: On Monday, South Carolina newspaper The State reported that he’d been missing since Thursday. Then late that day, his office said Stanford had just been hiking the Appalachian Trail on his own and yesterday his office said he’d be back today, Wednesday.

But was the Appalachian Trail line a big lie?

Gawker points to this news report from WYFF4 which says his state car was found at an airport in Atlanta (which you may recall is where police picked up his cell signal) and that witnesses saw him boarding a plane, without security. WEIRD!

The Appalachian Trail story never quite made sense with the original line about how nobody knew where he was, and his wife saying that Sanford like to take time off to do some writing, unless he was writing with a paper and pencil out on the trail, but really, that’s not where people go to write.

We’re officially downgrading his chances in 2012, unless there’s a fantastically patriotic explanation for all this.

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