Did Kevin Mitnick Sell A Telephone Hack?


Kevin Mitnick making waves again?

Wired Threat Level is running a story on a controversial new service named “TrapCall,” which uses a loophole in telephony software to display the Caller ID information of any inbound call — even if a caller has explicitly programmed their phone to hide Caller ID.

The idea sounded awfully familiar: Over the summer at the “Hackers on Planet Earth” conference in New York, we saw famed hacker Kevin Mitnick show off exactly that trick in his keynote speech.

Guess who shows up in the Wired piece:

“What’s really interesting is that they’ve totally taken the privacy out of Caller ID,” says former hacker Kevin Mitnick, who alpha-tested the service.

We don’t really know the level of Kevin’s involvement with TrapCall company TelTech, and we’re not entirely sure whether the TelTech service is fully legal. Seems to be something of a grey area, Wired is ambiguous on TelTech’s legality too.

But we do hope Kevin is keeping his nose clean: Now out of jail, Kevin has a computer security consulting firm, a book deal, and even celebrity in certain circles. If some prosecutor decides to go after TelTech, involvement by Kevin could only make things worse for the company  — nor would Kevin likely find a warm reception if he ever ended up back in court.

Image Wydawnictwo Helion