Dick Smith thinks Pauline Hanson could have a Trump-like victory in Australia

Photo: Scott Barbour/ Getty Images.

Australian businessman Dick Smith has backed Pauline Hanson and her immigration policies leading into the next state and federal elections, saying she could see a Trump-like wave of support.

Smith, who set up his own company to produce Australian-made food products, is expected to meet Hanson before the end of the year to advise her on aviation policy.

He has campaigned over the last decade on capping population numbers in Australia in order to make the continent sustainable and says he met Hanson and tackled her about her views, which he is satisfied are not racist.

“I support her policy on Julian Assange. I support her immigration policy. She says she’s going to have a policy to help general aviation. I’ll certainly support that,” Smith told The Daily Telegraph.

“I agree with her views on immigration numbers, that is about 70,000 a year, not 200,000. But I do not agree with her views on Muslim immigration,” he said.

Smith ruled out financial backing for One Nation, saying he had never donated to a political party but said he is considering standing as an independent at the next federal election.

In the last federal election Smith threatened to run against the then member for Mackellar, Bronwyn Bishop if she did not retire.

The Daily Telegraph has more.

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