This Conservative Pundit Has An Unbelievable Collection Of Brightly Coloured Shirts

Dick morris shirtsYouTubeThe many shirts of Dick Morris.

Dick Morris, the former advisor to President Bill Clinton and current conservative pundit, apparently has a penchant for brightly-coloured buttondown shirts.

Morris’ shirts of many colours are displayed on his YouTube channel where he also shows off his opinions on a wide variety of subjects including how a “climate change treaty would make Obama a virtual dictator” and the “hidden parts” of the 9/11 commission report.

An analysis of of Morris’ videos shows he used to favour dark blazers until about three years ago. Since then, apart from a few rare occasions where he opted for a black buttondown, Morris has filmed his clips in technicolor shirts.

This incredible sartorial rainbow was brought to our attention by a tweet from Will Menaker.

Business Insider subsequently reached out to Morris to ask why he favours bright button downs and how many he owns. We have not received a response.

To fully appreciate the kaleidoscopic effect of Morris’ shirt collection, it must be viewed in gif form.


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