Dick Fuld Might Be Behind On His Property Taxes

dick fuld lehman

Has it gotten this bad?

While Dick Fuld’s net worth is far, far lower than it used to be, he should still be far from broke.

Thus The Daily Beast wonders why he appears to have not yet paid property taxes on his Greenwhich home:

Daily Beast: On November 15, 2008, despite the collapse of his firm two months earlier and just after the title was transferred into his wife’s name, Fuld’s “independent family office,” located in Albany, New York sent a check for $197,193.75 to the Martin County, Florida tax collector, in Stuart, Florida. He saved himself $8,216 in the process.

So far in 2009, though, the Fulds have not yet paid their taxes, which is out of step for what they have done since they owned the place. The bill, sent to Kathleen Fuld at the couple’s Greenwich, Connecticut home, was for $218,553.76. If the Fulds decide to pay the bill sometime in December, the taxes would be $211,997.15.

Read more about the financial challenges of Mr. Fuld here.

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