Dick Fuld Doesn't Understand Why People Don't Want To Do Business With Him

dick fuld lehman

So yes, the Lehman anniversary is approaching, and although Dick Fuld said he can “handle it,”the fallen CEO is still bitter and is having a hard time regaining trust in the financial circles.

The New York Post reports that Fuld called two former traders, Michael Gelband and Alex Kirk, whom he suspect fed info to Lawrence McDonald for his book about Lehman, ‘A Colossal Failure of Common Sense.’

What’s more, Fuld has been unable to attract attention and trust to launch a corporate advisory firm.  Why Fuld, who, hmm, killed a bank, is surprised that an advisory firm of all businesses would fail to garner attention, is beyond comprehension.

New York Post: Sources told The Post that Fuld now spends part of his time thumbing through his sizeable Rolodex of high-level CEOs and Wall Street players — wining and dining some of his former clients over lunch, but not winning any business from them.

“People are nice and respectful to his face but behind his back they’re worried about the tarnish of Lehman Brothers and the threat of lingering lawsuits,” one source whispered to The Post last week.

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