Dick Ebersol Returns To NBC Sports

Dick Ebersol

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Richard Sandomir and Bill Carter of The New York Times report that Dick Ebersol, who retired from NBC this summer, will return the network as a “senior advisor” to the sports group.Ebersol will work the Sunday Night Football team and the 2012 Olympics, two events he was instrumental in bringing to the network.

Earlier today, NBC announced that Jim Bell, the executive producer of the Today Show would lead the network’s coverage of the London Olympics next summer.

Bell’s first job at the network was as a production assistant on the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona when he was hired by … Dick Ebersol.

Ebersol surprisingly retired from the network in May after a contract dispute with Comcast executives, and just days before the network made its pitch to the IOC for broadcast rights to the 2014 Olympics and beyond. Despite his departure, NBC Sports secured the US TV rights until 2020.

Apparently, there are no hard feelings between Ebersol and network, as its clear that he’s being brought back mainly for his Olympics expertise. Ebersol has worked on the television coverage of every Olympic Games since 1968 and he was the key figure behind NBC’s stranglehold on the Games in the last 20 years. (They’ve done every Summer Olympics since 1988 and every Winter since 2002.)