Dick Costolo: Twitter's Advertising Platform Is Working Better Than We Ever Could Have Hoped

dick costolo twitter web 2.0

John Battelle interviewed Dick Costolo at the Web 2.0 Summit, and Twitter’s CEO had some interesting observations about the platform’s success, its future, the success of the advertising platform, and where third-party developers could make money.

We watched the entire 50-minute Q&A so you don’t have to and pulled out the highlights.

(Note: The text is not direct quotes from Costolo. We edited so it would make sense in this context. We kept true to what Costolo intended to say.)

Costolo initially thought he was only going to spend a little while at Twitter.

It's hard being a non-founding CEO.


There are similarities between Apple and Twitter.

Twitter models itself after Apple.

They've licked the signal-to-noise issue.

The advertising program is working well.

Free speech. Free speech. Free speech.

And the valuation?

Here's how developers can make money on Twitter.

Provide some advanced analytics.

Here's the entire interview

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