DICK CHENEY: The Torture Report Is 'Full Of Crap'

Dick cheney fox newsFox NewsFormer Vice President Dick Cheney on Fox News.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney completely unloaded on the Senate’s report on the CIA’s brutal interrogation policies in a Wedneday night Fox News interview.

“The report’s full of crap. Excuse me, I said ‘hooey’ yesterday let me use the real word. It’s ok, you can bleep it,” Cheney said.

Cheney is one of the most prominent supporters of the CIA’s so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. These methods were undermined on Tuesday by the release of the Senate’s report detailing the use of forced rectal feeding, insects, diapers, and death threats against detainees’ family members. The report also said little to no useful information was obtained by these methods.

But Cheney accused the Senate of not doing a full investigation of the program.

“I think it’s a terrible piece of work, basically. It seems to me it’s deeply flawed. They didn’t bother to interview key people involved in the program. And I think that it’s sort of a classic example … of where a group of politicians get together and sort of throw the professionals under the bus,” he said.

Cheney also argued that the program resulted in actionable intelligence despite the report indicating otherwise. He went on to question those who would suggest less harsh questioning techniques against leading terrorists involved in the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

“What are we supposed to do, kiss him on both cheeks and say, ‘Please, please, tell us what you know?’ Of course not,” he declared. “What are you prepared to do in order to get the truth about future attacks against the United States? … I have no sympathy for them.”

View his full interview below.




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