Check Out The Fancy Mountain Retreat Where Dick Cheney Is Raising Money For Mitt Romney Tonight

Teton Pines Country Club

Courtesy of Teton Pines Country Club

Mitt Romney will be in Jackson Hole, Wy. this evening for yet another fancy campaign fundraiser with high-profile GOP donors. But tonight is particularly special for the Republican presidential candidate. The exclusive event will be hosted by former Vice President Dick Cheney, and amounts to something akin to an unofficial endorsement. 

Cheney has remained out of the political spotlight since his retirement in 2008, but this extravagant event will likely represent a “passing of the torch” from the conservative old guard to the 2012 Republican nominee. A vicious primary season and lackluster messaging have left many conservatives questioning whether Romney was the right choice, and Cheney’s support may help the candidate turn the tide.

The former Vice President and his wife Lynne, along with two other couples, will host the event at the Teton Pines Country Club. General reception tickets cost $2,500 each, and donors paying $30,000 or more will have the opportunity to attend a private dinner with both politicians at Cheney’s mansion later in the evening.

Nestled in the majestic Teton Mountains, the exclusive resort community looks like a pretty nice place to campaign. 

The Cheneys haven't gotten out much since the former Vice President's most recent heart attack, but they're making an exception for Romney tonight.

Loyal Cheney pals Dick and Maggie Scarlett are also hosting the event .

Dick Scarlett was a partner in the Jackson State Bank and Trust before it was sold to Wells Fargo. Maggie has been friends with Cheney's wife Lynne since high school.

Source: Denver Post

Allan Tessler, the former CEO of Data Broadcasting Corp., and his wife, Frances are also co-hosting.

Here's the invite to tonight's events.

The general reception will be held at the Teton Pines Country Club in Wilson, Wyoming, a mountain resort town near Yellowstone National Park.

The country club boasts a Here's the club's Arnold Palmer-inspired golf course, built in the shadow of the Teton National Forest.

The donors will likely hear Romney speak in one of the country club's expensively rustic dining rooms.

To snap a photo with Romney and Cheney in one of these cozy reception rooms, guests have to pay $5,000 each.

VIP donors will be invited to have a private dinner at the Cheney mansion with the candidate and the former vice president.

Cheney has owned his multi-million dollar Wyoming mansion for more than a decade. But Trulia, a real estate company, maintains several profiles of Cheney's neighbours on Greens Place. These images are of Cheney's neighbouring house that is on the market.

Source: Trulia

The mansion overlooks the club grounds — and has the same sweeping mountain views.

Source: Trulia

Unsurprisingly, the estimated worth of the house hovers at $3.6 million.

Source: Trulia

Cheney isn't the only one hosting swanky shindigs for Romney...

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