Diary Of An Australian Google Glass User: Day 4

Today was a day of nonstop appointments, so I was truly glad that I was wearing Glass.

The day started off with a reminder that I had to take Poppy, my puppy, to the vet to be de-sexed. Thirty minutes before I was meant to be there, a notification popped up on Glass reminding me to leave for the appointment, what time I needed to be there and where exactly it was located. Like yesterday, Glass came in handy, for with a simple voice command, it started directing me to the vet.

The advantage of Google Glass for reminders was that it showed me the notification right in front of my face, whereas with a phone I could have easily missed it if it was in my pocket or had it on silent. Of course the advantage would have been lost the moment I stopped wearing the device but that’s beside the point.

After dropping my puppy off for her big day I quickly ran to my own appointment with my GP. Although it would make a great point-of-view video for the readers if I gave Google Glass to the doctor to wear while he was examining me I decided against it, let’s leave that for another ‘Glasshole’.

This isn’t to say Glass didn’t come in handy at the doctor, in fact it provided an unobtrusive way to take down the doctor’s instructions. When he told me to be mindful of blood sugar, weight and calorie intake I quickly repeated it into Glass, which saved it to Evernote, one of the better note-taking apps on the market.

Previously I would have either rudely unlocked my phone to write it down; or I would have done nothing and forgot about it not long after the appointment. This way I was able to take notes and still engage with the doctor throughout the process.

Back at the office while speaking with one of the team I received an email asking me what I thought about WWDC, Apple’s developer conference. Before I started wearing Glass this would be problematic, as I would have felt compelled to respond to the vibrating noisy phone in my pocket and as many of you know, that’s not an easy feeling to fight.

Now if I get an email from any of my core contacts, Glass will display just the sender, subject and opening lines for a few seconds only. That’s it. For those of us who receive too many emails to count, this feature is a game-changer. I now spend far less time checking emails on my phone and more time engaging with the people around me, which is what wearing Google Glass is all about.

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Josh Guest is the founder of mobile app development company b2cloud. Founded in 2009 with his business partner Luke Smorgon, the company has grown from partnering with small start-ups looking for an affordable mobile app to working with some of Australia’s largest corporates like Telstra, BUPA and Virgin Mobile. b2cloud is one of the few Australian development companies to own and develop apps for Google Glass.

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