Diary Of An Australian Google Glass User: Day 3

I started my day with an early morning run with my running group… and Google Glass on my head. Using Strava, a popular app amongst runners and cyclists, I had a live screen measuring my time, distance and efficiency, ready for me to glance at. Considering I used to have to carry my smartphone or remember to wear a tracking watch, having the screen on my head was definitely an improvement, though not when it’s raining. Glasses, Google or otherwise, are never good when it is raining, a fact the bespectacled can attest to.

For cyclists on the other hand, Glass is truly a game changer. My cycling friends who use it say they couldn’t imagine being on the bike without it, raving about how much safer it is to have the information hidden in the corner of their eyes as opposed to having to look away from the road to check a ride computer. It is definitely an area that will continue to grow as the technology becomes more widespread.

Later in the day, I attended an award ceremony that b2cloud’s mobile app with Villa Maria called Out & About – which helps those with disabilities connect with the community around them –was nominated for a prize. Since I wasn’t sure how to get to the venue, I told Glass with a voice command the address. Using the beloved Google Maps, Glass showed me live directions until I arrived.

Google Maps on Glass was brilliant – not only did it keep me focused on the road but it was also a genuinely delightful app to use, both seamless and convenient. It’s basically an optimised version of Google Maps that reads and shows you the directions as you progress towards your destination. The benefits of not having to check a screen below your windshield or looking at a phone in your lap are obvious. It’s a positive indication of how smart technology is going to make transportation that much safer.

Once I arrived at the venue for the ceremony there was a sign saying ‘no glassware’ at the entrance, which I pretended was a slight against me. Naturally I took a photo of it, using Glass. During the ceremony I received a message wishing us good luck for the awards, a nice gesture that could have been very awkward if my phone loudly beeped or vibrated while the MC was talking.

Thankfully instead of having to worry about if my phone was on silent, a quick notification popped on Glass showing me who sent it, a photo of the sender and the message itself. The fact Glass can do this really makes staying connected a far easier and less rude concept. Oh, and lets not forget that Out & About ended up winning!

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Josh Guest is the founder of mobile app development company b2cloud. Founded in 2009 with his business partner Luke Smorgon, the company has grown from partnering with small start-ups looking for an affordable mobile app to working with some of Australia’s largest corporates like Telstra, BUPA and Virgin Mobile. b2cloud is one of the few Australian development companies to own and develop apps for Google Glass.

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