Diary Of An Australian Google Glass User: Day 2

Developing an app at work is an active collaborative process supported by regular feedback and open communication. A key part of this is taking clients through every new feature and using the whiteboard to show how everything connects.

During a meeting this morning with a client on potential market penetration, she asked me how many smartphones were sold in 2013, a number I didn’t know off the top of my head. Thankfully I was wearing Google Glass so I said, “OK Glass, Google how many smartphones were sold in 2013,” and on Glass’s screen the answer appeared along with the Google Search results. Being able to find information, ask maths questions and do other search functions without using my hands or stopping what I’m doing has been enormously useful. It really allows a greater connection with the people I am talking with while allowing me to continue whatever I am doing.

Later in the day during a catch-up with a couple of team members, I received a notification on Glass that Business Insider had tweeted Day 1 of my Glass diary and tagged me in the tweet!

Instead of seeing the notification on my phone, unlocking it, opening the Twitter app and waiting for it to refresh, the tweet appeared on Glass for a few seconds to glance at and that was it. No break in the conversation, no rude interruptions, just a subtle notification in the corner of my eye. It makes social media that much more pleasant.

Every Tuesday night I like to cook dinner for my fiancé – but I am by no means a cook who can work his magic without a recipe on hand. So naturally I used the internet to find delicious recipes and try them out.

However, as many people can attest to, having your phone or tablet in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster. A splattering of boiling oil or some spilled tomato sauce can do serious damage to your devices. This is why Google Glass and apps like Allthecooks are a godsend for us amateur chefs.

In this instance, Glass displayed step-by-step visual instructions on how to cook a delicious osso bucco last night, without having to worry about endangering my mobile or computer by checking where I was up to. While I can’t guarantee that it made the food taste better, it certainly made cooking that much more enjoyable.

Day 1 of the Australian Google Glass diary is here.

Josh Guest is the founder of mobile app development company b2cloud. Founded in 2009 with his business partner Luke Smorgon, the company has grown from partnering with small start-ups looking for an affordable mobile app to working with some of Australia’s largest corporates like Telstra, BUPA and Virgin Mobile. b2cloud is one of the few Australian development companies to own and develop apps for Google Glass.

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