Diary Of An Australian Google Glass User: Day 1

[Editor’s note: For the coming week, Josh Guest is keeping a daily diary for Business Insider Australia on how he uses Google Glass to share the experience of using the technology day-to-day. The series starts today.]

My day started in a rush. I jumped out of bed, got dressed, put on Google Glass and drove to the gym for a 6am start. Glass turned on as soon as I put it on, displaying the weather and my meetings for the day while I put on my shoes.

Before I got into my car I swiped right on Glass’s sidebar (one of the ways to control the device) and clicked on News so it would read me all the latest happenings in the tech world while making my way to the gym. Today it showed me a few articles from Mashable predicting what will be announced at WWDC tomorrow, Apple’s biggest conference.

Hearing the news with a voice command or a click of a button is easily one of the best features on Glass. Considering my business requires that I am always up-to-date in what’s going on in technology, it can often be really tough to find time in the day to check everything.

With Glass I no longer have to make the time to read my phone or check my laptop, it is programmed to read it for me.

Who said I couldn’t multitask?

At the gym I took off Glass as I entered the change room. You should always remove your Google Glass when entering places like change rooms and hospitals to avoid making people uncomfortable. After wearing Glass for more than a year I have learned it is better to err on the side of caution, even though it really is obvious when you are taking a photo or recording a scene.

During the workout Glass helped me count sets, keep time and keep me informed. Before I had to use my mobile to do all of this, which wasn’t the best idea as it’s easier than you think to drop a dumbbell on it.

Once I arrived at the b2cloud office I had a meeting about an opportunity to develop a really exciting enterprise app for Google Glass. Before everyone arrived I quickly used a brilliant app on Glass called Reveal. The app uses publicly available information to give me background insights on each person I was meeting with including their professional history, the latest news to do with their company, any friends we have in common and some of their most recent social media posts.

These insights are not as creepy as they sound; they all come from publicly available information I would have found by myself. When you have multiple meetings every day, an app like Reveal makes an enormous difference.

After work my team made our way to the courts for the b2cloud indoor-soccer team’s weekly match. For the fun of it I used Glass to film us practicing. Here’s the video. We are getting better!

Josh Guest is the founder of mobile app development company b2cloud. Founded in 2009 with his business partner Luke Smorgon, the company has grown from partnering with small start-ups looking for an affordable mobile app to working with some of Australia’s largest corporates like Telstra, BUPA and Virgin Mobile. b2cloud is one of the few Australian development companies to own and develop apps for Google Glass.

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