Diapers.com Parent Teases Soap.com "One Of The Biggest Retail Launches In History"

Quidsi soap

Update: Looks like this is for Soap.com, a domain that Quidsi now owns. That… makers sense! Thanks to reader Coalter Powers for pointing this out.

So, what is Soap.com? It can’t just be soap, can it? Perhaps a Drugstore.com killer?

Earlier: Diapers.com is one of the most successful Internet companies you don’t know about, so we’re intrigued by whatever the next project they’re teasing is.

We just got a BAR OF SOAP in the mail from Diapers.com parent company Quidsi, inviting us to a launch party for its next project.

It’s “One of the biggest retail launches in history,” promising “A fresh approach to ecommerce.” (Get it? Har har.)

“We’re raising the bar in online shopping.” (Zing!)

Anyone know more? Let us know at [email protected] or try our anonymous tips box.

Earlier Update: Reader Matt wonders if this has anything to do with Diapers.com’s new retail store, “The Baby Registry by Diapers.com,” in Montclair, N.J.?

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