SIGN OF THE TIMES: Babies Suffer From Rash Epidemic As Parents Buy Fewer Diapers

Angry baby

There’s more evidence out this week that American parents are cutting costs on diapers.

The volume of diapers sold dipped 1% year over year, and dollar sales fell nearly 3% as shoppers turn to cheaper brands, according to Consumer Edge Research in WSJ.

Meanwhile sales of diaper rash ointment are up a shocking 8%. We’re not sure how this trade-off works for the balance sheet, but we pity the babies.

We wrote last month about the Diaper Rash Economic Indicator, when SymphonyIRI recorded an even more dramatic 9% decline year-over-year.

Traditionally parents spend $1,500 per baby on diapering each year, changing a diaper 6.3 times in a day, according to Procter & Gamble.

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