Ponzi Schemer Kenneth Starr's Ex Wants To Write A Book About His Sex Life

Diane Passage

Diane Passage, the soon-to-be ex-wife of convicted Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr, is planning to write a book detailing the sexcapades of the fraudster and his clientsPageSix reports. 

Passage, who was an exotic dancer before marrying Starr in 2007 just two weeks after he divorced his third wife, only has the book proposal so far, the report said.

Here’s a tantalising tid-bit from the it [via PageSix].

Passage’s proposal also spills on Starr’s clients: In one excerpt, she writes about a starlet who was “fooling around” with one of Starr’s A-list clients under the table during a dinner at Morton’s.

“Everyone was getting drunk,” Passage recalls. “Soon everyone couldn’t help but notice that [the starlet] was fooling around with [the male star] under the table, as his girlfriend sat there quietly and miserably, looking like she was about to cry as she watched the craziness unfold in front of her.”

Starr was convicted running a $30 million Ponzi scheme that targeted celebrities so who knows who she will name in her book. 

On another note, the last time we checked in, Passage, who filed for divorce from Starr in 2011, was cast as a member or reality TV series “Wall Street Wives.” That show was last shopping itself to different networks and we haven’t heard anything lately.   

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