The Most Expensive Artwork Produced By A Living Artist? A Diamond-Encrusted Skull

diamond encrusted skull

Photo: The Rich Times

It’s the most expensive piece of art by a living artist and is called  “For the Love of God” (we kid you not).The diamond encrusted skull is priced at a stunning $100 million (Damien Hurst has since refused to put it on sale; unless someone makes him an obscene offer, in which case he may change his mind).

However in the absence of a buyer—the skull remains in joint ownership of the artist—Damien Hurst, the art gallery as well as a group of investors who prefer to remain anonymous.


For the Love of God was expected to embark upon a world tour but has so far only made it to London, Amsterdam and now Florence.

Watch this at NECNRead more on the Love of God here.

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