Ditch Your Friends For A Free Hamburger

In another attempt for an eatery to offer food specials during the recession, Burger King has launched a Facebook application in which a person can get a free Whopper if he/she unfriends 10 friends. Now if that isn’t a deal, we don’t know what is. But, of course, there’s a catch.

Serious Eats: If you think you can quietly snip away at your friend’s list without anyone noticing, Burger King is one step ahead of you. Platforms Optional points out that Burger King’s application will send notifications to the people being unfriended, unlike Facebook’s normal unfriending process. Have fun eating your free Whopper of Facebook friend betrayal!

“Friends” (or, really, people you’ve been guilted into accepting as friends) on Facebook should understand if your budget calls for cuts during tough times. Who knows, maybe if the rejected friends like the application and want a hamburger too, they might just thank you for it!


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