The Trump administration just announced sweeping changes to airline safety

On Wednesday, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly announced an array of sweeping changes aimed at making flying safer in a speech at the Council for New American Security Conference in Washington, D.C.

The changes include enhanced overall passenger screening, heightened screening of personal electronic devices, more thorough screening at checkpoints, along with the increased use of security technology, canines, and preclearance locations.

These new measures, both seen and unseen, affect all commercial airline flights into the US. According to the DHS, that figure is around 2,100 flights per day.

According to airline sources, passengers’ in-flight experience should not be affected by these changes.

In his speech, Secretary Kelly reaffirmed his belief that terrorist organisations are continuing their efforts to bring down an American airliner.

In addition, Secretary Kelly did not announce an expansion of the laptop ban that currently affects 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa. However, the secretary did say that parties who do not cooperate in the implementation of these new security measures may be subject to a new laptop ban.

The DHS has not given a specific time frame for when these new measures will be implemented. However, the agency did indicate that some changes will take effect within a matter of weeks.

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