DFJ Gotham Bets On ExpoTV, Where Users Talk About Tampon Preferences, et al


DFJ Gotham has invested an undisclosed amount in NY-based Expo Communications, whose ExpoTV site offers user-generated video reviews of consumer products. Expo pays reviewers $5 for each post, and a penny each time someone views their video; it has more than 100,000 reviews on the site.

ExpoTV says submissions growth increased 132% in the last quarter. We have to admit we’re astonished to learn that so many people are willing to sit down and talk about such things as tampon preferences and the like, though the clip of the guy showing off the Total Body Works 5000 Gym is oddly hypnotic. But if Expo can make this work, more power to them. In December, Expo raised $6 million in a Series A round led by Masthead Venture Partners and Prism VentureWorks. Release.

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