Dez Bryant Made A Ridiculous Game-Saving Catch To Help Cowboys Win Again

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Houston Texans in overtime thanks in large part to nearly unbelievable catch by Dez Bryant that kept the Cowboys’ hopes alive.

The Cowboys’ win streak appeared to be in trouble in overtime as Dallas faced a 3rd-and-9 in their own territory. At this point, the next team to score would win the game.

Facing an unblocked defender, Tony Romo threw deep down the left sideline just before being hit. Bryant leaped up and caught the ball behind the defender’s back to keep the drive alive and put the Cowboys into field goal range.

Here is another angle that shows just how tough the catch was.

It appeared as though the defender played Bryant perfectly. But Bryant out-jumped the coverage and was able to come down with the ball.

Nobody was more excited than owner Jerry Jones who leapt out of his seat with a huge grin on his face.

The Cowboys would kick the game-winning field goal two plays later to improve to 4-1.

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