Here's The Amazing Dez Bryant Catch That Got Overturned

Dez bryantFOXIncredible.

Down 26-21 in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys went for it on 4th and 2. Tony Romo lobbed the ball toward the endzone to Dez Bryant. With incredible athleticism, Bryant leapt up to make an amazing catch that was eventually overturned.

The refs ruled a complete pass, and a first down for Dallas at the 1-yard line, but Packers head coach Mike McCarthy threw the red challange flag for an official review to see if Bryant had control of the ball the entire time. After a review, the officials reversed the call and the Packers got the ball at their own 32.

Looking at the play from another angle, the ball does appear to touch the ground:

By the rules, the refs made the correct call:

But as many are pointing out, it’s not the greatest rule. Bryant made an incredibly athletic play, stayed in bounds, took three steps, and his elbow hit the ground as the ball popped loose.


Here’s when the ball hit the ground:

 Dez was not happy with the call.

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