PODCAST: Strategist Eamonn Fitzpatrick on Labor's momentum and getting the basics right for the electorate

Rick SalterBusiness Insider’s Paul Colgan and Hawker Britton Director Eamonn Fitzpatrick.

Labor’s win in the critical Queensland seat of Longman will have Malcolm Turnbull and his government worried.

The plunge in the primary vote for the LNP in the seat, if repeated in even a handful of seats across Queensland in the next federal election, would make it almost impossible for the Coalition to retain government.

To discuss what’s behind this and in the minds of voters as we head towards a general election likely in May next year, we’re joined on this week’s edition of Devils and Details by Eamonn Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick is a director of Hawker Britton, the Labor-aligned political advisory firm. He’s a former senior press secretary to two Labor prime ministers, and currently runs Hawker Britton’s issues management practice, and is closely involved with ALP campaigns on the ground — so he has detailed knowledge of how voters are responding to policy plans and how they factor into the electoral mood.

Bill Shorten and Labor are proposing a range of measures that will have a major impact on economic policy settings in Australia, including on negative gearing and company tax. Fitzpatrick explains how voters are responding to Shorten’s plans to invest in hospitals and schools, and outlines why the Coalition’s argument that Shorten is engaging in some form of populism by promising to improve basic services is thin political ice.

Fitzpatrick also happens to be a master Instagrammer, and he shares some of his favourite tips at the end of the wide-ranging discussion which covers the lessons from the by-elections, company tax, wages, and the risk to property prices from the axing of negative gearing.

You can find the show which regularly features some of Australia’s leading thinkers and strategists in economics, markets, finance and policy under “Devils and Details” on your podcasting platform of choice, here on iTunes, or you can tune in below.

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