PODCAST: With Con Michalakis on China, cryptos, rates, and quantitative tightening in the US

(Left to right) BI’s David Scutt, Con Michalakis of Statewide Super and BI’s Paul Colgan.

On this week’s episode, Paul and David are joined by Con Michalakis, chief investment officer at Statewide Super.

Con is a smart guy, holding a Bachelor of Mathematical Science from the University of Adelaide, a Masters of Science from the University of London, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Strategy from Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He’s also a Fellow at the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Some honour roll, right? Not only is he smart, he’s also a top bloke (evidence: he showed up for the show in a Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt) — so it was a terrific chat.

This week we discuss concerns over Chinese debt levels, the craziness of crypto currencies, the outlook for Australian interest rates along with the US Federal Reserve’s looming balance sheet reduction, and what it may do to financial markets.

Con also gives some insights into the asset allocation mix used by Statewide Super, including the decision to trim the exposure to stocks in its default super fund.

You can find the show on iTunes or listen in below. Warning: some colourful language.

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