PODCAST: GDP, Global bonds, 'Full Metal Trump', demography, destiny, and rugby

(L-R): Business Insider global markets and economics correspondent David Scutt; CBA director of fixed income strategy Jarrod Kerr, and BI publisher and editor in chief Paul Colgan.

On this week’s episode of our markets and economics podcast, Devils and Details, we’re joined by one of the stars of Australian fixed income strategy, Jarrod Kerr, from the Commonwealth Bank’s Institutional Banking and Markets team.

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Bonds are a vastly bigger market than stocks in terms of capital, and can receive scant attention because the moves in prices are usually less exciting.

Kerr has some refreshingly forthright views on markets. He says, for example, that it would be a good thing if Australia lost its AAA credit rating because it would serve as a wake-up call to politicians on the need for policy reform and investment in infrastructure. He notes other countries (including the US and the UK) have lost that rating without severe repercussions.

Politicians, amazingly, might get something out of this week’s episode.

Also on the agenda:

  • Australian GDP and the domestic outlook
  • Consumer confidence in the Australian economy
  • The commodity price surge, LNG demand, and Australia’s addiction to budget surplus
  • Demographics, destiny, and the history of interest rates since 10,000BC

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