Smartphone Developers Tell Robert Scoble Why Nokia, RIM, Microsoft Are Still Screwed

Man, my email has been flowing ever since yesterday morning with lots of responses to my “Nokia Fans: you’re nuts!” post.

Most say that the newly-joined Microsoft/Nokia still has no shot getting them to write apps and that RIM is even worse off.

I tried to ignore them, but then Nick Long appeared in my life yesterday afternoon.

Who is he?

Senior technical lead at Dreamworks Animation. You might know them, they do a lot of the special effects in movies. But that’s not why he was at my house yesterday. He was there to show me a mobile app that he and partner Paul Robinett will ship sometime this summer. I was impressed with their mobile app, but they asked me to keep it quiet until they shipped.

That said, I saw my chance. Here was a real live developer who is building a mobile app so I invited them down to the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton bar for a few drinks and some conversation. I want you to listen to the conversation that happened down at the bar. Developers hold all the cards in this game. Remember my point yesterday: EVERYTHING in the smartphone race is about apps. EVERYTHING.

So, if guys like Nick won’t develop for your platform you are dead.

Listen to what Nick says:

“What are you going to develop for?”

“It’s pretty simple…Android and iPhone.”

“What do you think of the announcements today?”

“Nokia is screwed.”

But then I we go into more detail about just how screwed. It’s an entertaining conversation and a rare look into how developers think.

They also explained how the non-Apple or Google companies could woo him.

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