Want A Quick $1,500? These Developers Are Offering A Cash Prize If You Can Get Android To Work On The TouchPad

android touchpad

[credit provider=”HackNMod” url=”http://hacknmod.com/hack/hp-touchpad-android-1500-prize/”]

The hacker/developer community HackNMod is offering a $1,500 prize if you can figure out a user-friendly way to install Android on HP’s TouchPad.TechCrunch picked up on the contest earlier today, and it has been gaining momentum ever since.

The $1,500 prize is actually broken down into categories:

$450 for a basic Android port, $350 if you can get Wi-Fi to work, $300 if you can get audio to work, $300 if you can get the camera to work, and $100 for functional multitouch.

We’re guessing it’s theoretically possible to win the entire prize if you’re the first to accomplish each category.

If you want to keep up with Android’s progress on TouchPad, check out this group on Facebook.