Developers In Paradise: Here's Apple's WWDC 2012 In Pictures

App developers in Philadelphia? Oh yes, my friends, oh yes.

Photo: Owen Thomas, Business Insider

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference has taken over San Francisco.The big keynote was this morning, but the event runs all week, with developers diving deep in technical sessions and getting advice directly from Apple engineers and designers on how to improve their apps.

And all week long, they’re going to party—like the big event Path is holding Thursday.

Any company which wants to hire the best iOS engineers on the planet is going to be on the hunt this week.

Here’s their prey.

First stop: Apple's flagship store in San Francisco. It's always bustling, but WWDC keeps things busy.

At first we thought people were lining up again—but no, these attendees told us, they just wanted some fresh air and a place to sit.

Nathan from Oakland wasn't attending WWDC, but he was hoping some developers might lend him a hand.

Lots of satellite trucks were parked outside. The biggest one was from CNN.

Apple keeps drawing new developers like Paul Czajka from KnowledgeAdvisors in Chicago. This is his first WWDC. He asked us for some tips on the schedule.

Hotspot Shield hired colourful promoters for its wireless-security app.

Handelabra Studio's Aaron London and Matthew McCroskey were pitching fellow developers on an app that tells gamers when a new version is out. London's been coming to WWDC since 2005.

These app developers showed Philadelphia pride.

Brian from Comcast worked on the Xfinity streaming-video app.

Post-keynote, it wasn't too busy inside. But wait, what's that guy holding?

We only caught a glimpse, but it appeared to be some kind of viewfinder attached to an iPad. Maybe an augmented-reality app?

The sidewalk on Fourth Street was bustling.

Now, take a look back at what Apple revealed this morning ...

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