Developers And Publishers Will SCRAMBLE To Get Inside The Google+ Notifications Feed

We’re coming around on Google+.

Matt Rosoff already pointed out the main reason: Every time a Google+ user goes to any Google site*, a little “notifications” drop down menu appears at the top of the screen.

Google+ Plus Toolbar notifications icon

This notifications menu is just like the one 700 million people used to seeing on It’s filled with the same kind of stuff, too. Photos, status updates, and messages from friends.

The big difference is that you have to go to Facebook to check your Facebook notifications.

Google+ notifications will be on the page most of us use to navigate our way through the Internet.

They will also show up on the tens of millions of Android phones.

Comscore says 176 million US users go to Google properties each month.

That is massive scale.

It’s the kind of scale that will cause Publishers and developers are going to SCRAMBLE to get inside the Google+ notifications feed. And boom, suddenly the Internet is still Google’s platform – not Facebook’s.

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