The Best Cities To Find A Job If You're A Developer

Finding a job in today’s market can be difficult, but one way to increase your chances is to make sure you’re job hunting in the right locations.

Yoh, an international staffing and recruiting firm, just released its statistics on U.S. cities with the highest job volume for mobile developer positions.

Yoh pulled up statistics specifically pertaining to careers in iOS, Android, Java, and Agile programming.

The firm also provided statistics on the average salaries for jobs in those cities, unsurprisingly finding that areas in New York and California offered the highest salaries in most cases.

Here’s the data from Yoh presented in four infographics, which reveal how many job openings there are in the US for developers in each platform, which cities have the most job openings, the average salaries in those areas and the most frequently requested skill sets.

Android Developers

iOS Developers

Agile Developers

Java Developers



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