MAP OF THE DAY: How Climate Change Will Devastate The World

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change new and scary release includes a map showing how many things will be direly affected around the world.

Each continent has a box showing how much of an impact climate change is going to have on physical systems (like glaciers, coastal erosion, and water resources), biological systems (like forests and reefs), and human systems (like crops and livelihoods).

Icons that are only outlined show when climate change is only a minor contributor. The stack of squares next to the coloured icons indicates how much of these impacts is caused by the climate, from zero to five bars. When part of the bars are lighter in colour, that means there’s some doubt to how high that cause is.

For example: In North America we will have severe impacts (four bars) on our physical systems — including water issues along the California coast. There are also severe impacts (three bars) on ecosystems, including fisheries in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Across the globe there are severe impacts on human health, livelihood and economics (the red family).

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