Deutsche Bank Trader's Job Was Threatened Because Of A Bet That He Couldn't Do 100 Push Ups

We just heard a story from an old Deutsche Bank trader who told us that on the trading floor once, there was a bet going that the office’s most chubby guy couldn’t do 100 push ups in a row.

He had a couple months to get in shape. Apparently traders bet tens of thousands of dollars and even clients were in on it.

They set the big event for the end of the year, when everyone would watch as he attempted the hundred.

In the months leading up the show-down, some of the guys who bet against him regularly ordered the guy Chinese food and put doughnuts in front of him to tempt him. Anything to up their odds.

The guy fought back. He hired a personal trainer and concentrated only on his pecs but, sadly, his hard work was for nought. Nothing ever happened.

The push-up extravaganza was cancelled. Turns out the upper management found out, and actually threatened to fire him over the bet.

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