Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid just nailed the boredom in financial markets right now

Michael Dodge/GettyImages

It’s quiet in financial markets. Outside of the now-normal gyrations in crude oil, nothing is really happening.

Deutsche Bank macro strategist, Jim Reid, known for his quirky take on the happenings in markets, sums up the price action perfectly in the first paragraph of his Wednesday morning note, delivering all of the important news that investors need to know.

Here it is.

The sun is shining, markets are dull, if my knee surgeon was a more understanding person I’d be sneaking off early today to squeeze in a round of golf before dark. However he’s not so I won’t be. If you’re in the UK apparently there’s a DB employee competing on the Great British Bake Off 2016 which starts on the telly tonight. This is one of the UK’s most popular programs so fingers crossed he’ll bring back the winning cake to HQ.

It’s unlikely that many would have read anything as interesting as that today, at least involving markets. Certainly brought a smile to our faces.

Everyone is waiting for Janet Yellen to speak at Jackson Hole this weekend, no doubt hoping that she’ll say something halfway exciting to get the markets moving.

Help us, Janet. You’re our only hope.

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