A Man Pretended He Was A Deutsche Banker On Match.com And Then Stole Women’s Identities To Rob Them Of Their Savings

jay singh

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An Indian citizen called Jaitass Dhanoa called himself Jay D. Singh on matchmaking sites like Match.com and IndianDating.com.And that’s not all he lied about, according to the DOJ.

In his online seduction of several unsuspecting ladies, he “lied about his name, his background, his citizenship, his employment, and his intentions,” the Department of Justice said.

He told his victims he was an American citizen who worked for Deutsche Bank, and the IMF. He even created fake Deutsche Bank email accounts to corroborate his ruse.

Then, after he gained each woman’s trust, he stole their credit cards and their identities, and then applied for extra credit cards with those new personal details, according to the DOJ.

Dhanoa’s three main victims — there may have been up to 11 — “were each led to believe they were Dhanoa’s sole romantic interest,” and only discovered his lies when the credit card companies called them to ask about suspicious activity on their accounts, Philly.com reported, (via Dealbreaker).

One of the victims was even engaged to marry the guy, until another one of his victims got in touch with her to reveal the truth.

From Philly.com:

“He created a relationship where I kept falling more and more in love,” the victim [said] in a long, angry statement. She said Dhanoa at one point had presented her with an expensive diamond pendant. She later discovered he had paid for it with a credit card he fraudulently opened under her name.

In December 2009, she bought tickets and was ready to fly to Hawaii, supposedly to meet Dhanoa’s parents, but he suddenly canceled the trip the day before departure, leaving her in tears.

Dhanoa was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail last week. He admitted he “trolled internet dating sites looking for victims, especially women of Indian descent,” the Times Of India reported.

He said in court “he had never had a girlfriend as a teenager and had only been seeking love,” Philly.com reported.

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