The most important things said by Fed officials last month in one big slide

The Federal Reserve talks a lot.

In the last month, dozens of speeches from Fed officials have been made at venues across the country — leading some to refer to the Federal Open Market Committee as the “Federal Open Mouth Committee” — and oftentimes it is hard to keep up.

And so in its latest house view presentation, the research team at Deutsche Bank included this handy slide that gives the definitive overview of the most important things said by Fed officials and where everyone stands on policy.

The doves tend to argue for keeping rates low and being slower to increase them in the future. Hawks want more aggressive policy.

The most important speech in the last month, of course, was that delivered by Fed Chair Janet Yellen on March 29, which David Rosenberg called “truly seminal.”

And overall, the messages out of the Fed are maddeningly mixed.

Fed dB

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